Friday, March 3, 2017

Waking From the Fever Dream

Keep the eye on the prize.

Pizzagate will be the Rosetta stone of this era on the world stage of politics. It's already had a tremendous effect...were it not for Pizzagate and the subsequent connections of the Clinton machine to spirit cooking, the Haitian economic development opportunities for indigenous youth charity work; the emailed queries about pizza related maps and pool parties with underage kids as the featured entertainment and other such lurid details brought to the attention of the public...well, in all likelihood, Trump probably would not have won the best election ever.

If it really was a true election that is...and not a Diebold machine (s)election to effect a mass media manufactured "revolution at the ballot box" psyop.

How LiterallyHitler's administration deals with the revelations of Wikileak's Hillary-Podesta-Abedin emails and Anthony Weiner's "life insurance" file directory on his laptop impounded by the NYPD will be the WTC7 of the 2kTeens. If God really does bless America and Mein Trumpenfuhrer proceeds to truly "drain the swamp" he can rest easy in knowing that his historical legacy will have been secured in perpetuity as the greatest President ever.

And no, I do not say that lightly.

He doesn't need to build the wall to achieve the immortality of demi-god legend. I do believe such a legacy is within his grasp at this early stage of the game. But he can only do so by exposing and utterly cleansing the Government of any and all who are connected and associated with the child porn - snuff film - pedo-prostituting - human child trafficking - organ harvesting - cannibal catering - vice bootleg intelligence agency black ops that has festered like pustulent lesions on the body politic of the dying leper that is American Freedom.

If the actions that are purportedly already underway behind the scenes eventually results in the scapegoating of nothing more than mid- and low- level pizzapedopervs while the big fish skate, I'm guessing it will serve as an affirmative confirmation that Donald Trump is nothing more then the stage personae of the newest dancing puppet for the Feedlot Managers of our Brave New World Order, purposely put into place to advance the plot.

At this point, I'm still in the 50% - 50% uncertainty stage in believing whether we actually have Donald Trump as the Chief Executive Officer of USA Inc. working for we the people, or if he is just Donald (((Drumpf))) cucking the inevitable nativist whitelash of we the sheeple that THEY have surely been anticipating since their multi-generational subversion of Western Civilization has become more blatant and openly celebrated during the past eight years of our previous fake president's reign of (t)error.

I do realize and acknowledge that if Trump is an honest actor and is truly and legitimately trying to Make America Great Again, against all odds and the Gordian knot of deep state machinations; he has an exceedingly dangerous line to walk before he is in the decisive position to to try and cut it cleanly.

If he is on the up-and-up, and does seek to reverse the decline and pending collapse of the nation, he knows for certain that timing and proper preparation before making any big moves will be critical so as to avoid the fate of Lincoln and J.F.K. At this early juncture in his regime, he undoubtedly has to play along with the established system for as long as it takes before he can really make a substantial move against they who have truly ruled since 1913.

In the worst case scenario...well...that would be a rerun of the Hitler Was Controlled Opposition conspiracy theory. In that case, he's really gonna make America Inc. great again so as to arm up and lead us off to the long awaited final episode of the World War trilogy. In that case, when the nukes start flying between Iran, China, Russia and the US....well, see ya'all in hell.

In either event, it's still way too early to accurately discern which scenario we are facing. But in the meantime, I suspect Trump's official actions and eventual conclusion to Pizzagate will be the first major indicator of whether or note we got the real deal in the White House...or the next great US President playing the part of the Pied Piper to lead we the sheeple off to a disastrous, population-culling war of epic proportions for the third time in the past hundred years.


When Tell-a-Vision comedian FakeNews anchor Stephen Colbert delivered his "PizzaGate is an Alt-Right Fever Dream" monologue, he almost perfectly demonstrated the insidious, hidden-in-plain site mind control programming used by the mass media to manufacture consensus and control the narrative for we the sheeple.

He starts off with a cued-up studio audience applying the perfect consensus signalling reinforcement with timely laughter and applause when he delivers the following: "I really hope you don't get your News from me, because 'NEWSFLASH' this isn't news." Of course not. Colbert and his ilk are the regularly scheduled programming on what exactly we the sheeple are supposed to think about "THE NEWS." His schtick is to  groom tell-a-vision viewers to accept the manufactured consensus as broadcast by the Lugenpresse.

Sure it's broadcast for our consumption under the guise of "entertainment," but the format of regularly scheduled programming with cued-up laugh track bolstered consensus is one of the most influential and powerful tools of memetic mind control magic our mass media employs to keep we the sheeple plugged in and continuously ingesting the blue pill.

It's also probably why we now live in a society in which the educational paradigm for pedagogy in both public and private educational institutions is so focused on making learning "fun." No longer is phonetic reading taught by rote memorization of alphabetical sounds. Even though it is the time tested and proven methodology for empowering children to learn and perpetually expand their vocabulary through the practiced skill of deciphering new and unfamiliar words by seeing them used in proper context.

No, that's too boring.

Instead, we have interactive media apps and fun cartoon DVD's that focus on whole word recognition and memorization. Fun fun fun FUN! No kid wants to sit down with pencil and paper or graphics free texts to go through the rigors of training that will empower them with the gift of fully functional literacy for the rest of his or her life. Such children are too dangerous...they may end up thinking for themselves and avoid watching the majority of life go by on a digital screen when they are in the prime of their lives. All of the virtual fun that is broadcast on our mass media channels would not be as nearly effective in herding we the sheeple into the metaphorical feedlot.

"FUN" educational experiences prepare young minds to look for their indoctrination cues from mass media entertainment for the rest of their lives, since interactive, flashy bombardment of the five senses is now considered "the best way" to teach the youth, so as to groom their minds for better reception to the regularly scheduled programming of the mass media infotainment industrial complex. But I digress.

When Colbert delivers the line: "I really hope you don't get your News from me, because 'NEWSFLASH' this isn't news," he was engaging in wag the dog propagandizing, since immediately after telling us not to get our news from his program, he proceeded to ramble on for another eight minutes or so literally telling we the viewers WHAT we should think about the topic of Pizzagate.

Must see Tell-a-vision, indeed.

"Nothing to see here sheeple , go back to sleep."

If I had the opportunity to respond to Mr. Colbert personally, I think I would simply ask him "How do you prefer to play your dominoes Stevie...on cheese or on pasta?" But that might be too snarky and bitchy sounding. Perhaps I'd settle for the following instead: "Why so serious? Why do you seem to be taking this whole topic in your monologue diatribe so furiously?"

Ever wonder why he's trying so hard to discredit this? In 2013 his sister Elizabeth Colbert Busch was running for Democratic nominee for Congress in South Carolina , Her fundraiser was hosted and funded by none other but John and Tony Podesta!

Proof that Stevie is the sibling of the defeated Podesta client? Behold: An Evening with Stephen Colbert for Elizabeth Colbert Busch

I'm sure Lizzie Busch's connection to the Podesta brothers has nothing to do with Stevie bro's passionate FakeNews broadcast.

Move along sheeple. Nothing to see here.

I hope and pray for a day of reckoning in this life on this plane of existence comes to pass, and the pedo enablers, supporters and participants are fully exposed and given the swift and merciful justice they deserve.

For pedos are the ultimate world destroyers.

Every child they violate that survives, has their own personal little world of innocence and wonderment at the miracle of life irreversibly and irrevocably shattered and are permanently scarred forever after. There is almost no crime worse than what the circumstancial evidence unconvered by pizzagate investigators. The fact that the entire infotainment mass media complex controlled by the big six have lined up to control the narrative that Pizza-PedoGate is FakeNews, is a telling indictment of just how entrenched this plague of degenerate perversions is in the highest echelons of power in our Brave New World Order.

Participating in these grave degenerate perversions is the ultimate tie that binds those who sign the deal and sell their soul to attain the kingdom, power and glory promised by the Father of Lies at the mountain top. The price is the soul, but the transaction involved to actually sell it for worldly gain involves far more than mere material wealth:

Pedophilia is a perversion that is several steps down from prostitution. These spy agencies use these perversions and these illicit activities as a way of getting videotaped evidence against people. Epstein/Lolita Island are a Mossad operation. That island is wired for sound and video.  - Ex-CIA agent Robert David Steele

There can be no real "draining of the swamp" without taking on the international pedo-human-traffiking syndicate and it's role in gaining blackmail control over the Government that Pizzagate has uncovered. How the Trump regime eventually handles this will be rather illuminating in determining his legitimacy as the Man who would truly dare to make America great again.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

And So It Began

Literally Hitler kicked off his ascendancy to the Chancellorship of the Fatherland of Weimerica by taking immediate action to signal a dramatic change in the direction of the nation's Weltanschauung:

The moment Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States at noon on Friday, the LGBT, climate change, health care, and civil liberties pages disappeared from the website of the brand new Trump White House.

Let the moral, spiritual and ethical cleansing of the volk commence! Take note as Mein Trumpenfuhrer follows in the footsteps of  his ideological mentor and role model when he directs such a dramatic and immediate shift in the focus of the newly commandeered Ministry of Propaganda on the first moment of taking over.

Of course, we all know about the slippery slope of gradual fascism and nationalist socialism and it's insidious methodology of dehumanizing and scapegoating oppressed minorities as the key to mobilizing an ignorant and bigoted electorate to make the Fatherland great again. So the first act Mein Trumpenfuhrer has taken was to disappear the official Ministry of Propaganda's former directives for sanctioned gender confusion and the promotion of ubiquitous sexual dysfunction. Priorities!

It won't be long now until the brown shirts in jackboots are marching down Main Street USA to search for homonormative transgendered liberal atheist vegan non-smokers and loading them onto overcrowded box cars destined for labor camps with false promises of Arbeit Macht Frei, to mollify them into cooperative complacency...all whilst the ovens are being pre-heated to accommodate reservations for six million social justice millennials, boomer cuckservatives and ping pong pizza enthusiasts..

First they came for the LGBT and I did not speak out because I was not a LGBT. Then they came for the Climatologists and I did not speak out because I was a climate change denier. Then they came for our civil liberties and I did not speak out because Mein Trumpenfuhrer's Final Solution has already begun to make America great again.

Seig Heil!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Riding the Viral Whitelash

The election of the Trumpenfuhrer was just the beginning. The Whitelash is rising and the American melting pot is about to boil over. America has endured eight long years of a grievance-mongering, professional community organizer as President, and he has certainly organized our national community like no other President before. We are now organized into competing factions according to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, N-count, documented citizenship status, public bathroom gender preferences and political persuasions...

...on towards Helter Skelter!

And while there are a number of false flag events that have no doubt been engineered to promote the divide and conquer (and ultimately disarmament) of the masses, the social engineers operating their diabolical plot of infiltration, subversion and convergence of the country at every level are also undoubtedly ready at a moments notice to seize any unplanned occurrence to continue to promote their overriding agenda. This, I believe, is what just happened with the current Whitelash against the Black Lives Matters social justice movement.

Remember one of their favorite mottoes is to "let no good crisis go to waste."

Note how quickly the kidnapping and torture live stream event in Chicago has been labelled with what first appears to be a rhetorically devastating label of  "#BLMKidnapping." This is an example of effective, grass roots rhetoric gone viral and leaving the FakeNews establishment scrambling to regain control of the narrative.

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube took the livestream video of the event down within hours after it became apparent that a virtual Whitelash was starting to build. Google apparently configured their search engine algorithms to return several articles to the top or the search results protesting the association between the crime with the Darth Soros-funded Black Lives Matters organization. As of this posting, the top result of a Google search for "BLM Kidnapping" is:  Alt-Right Trolls Use Chicago Kidnapping to Spread Lies About Black Lives Matter.

FakeNews strikes again!

But what has largely been lost amongst the static of the FakeNews establishment's backlash against the viral Whitelash, is the acceptance of the thoroughly anti-freedom, thought-policing and unconstitutional HATECRIME charges that have now been applied to the four racist hatemongers.

As if kidnapping and torture are not enough to send these sub-100 IQ morons to jail for decades. No, shouting racial epithets pushes these terrible crimes into unpardonable crimes against humanity! Much of the viral Whitelash found in comments and tweets all over teh Interwebz where pointing out the hypocrisy of the establishments hate crime laws, and many were almost certain they would avoid Hate Crime charges because the perpetrators were black and the victim white.

Indeed, here a few select tweets from #BLMKidnapping before the announcement that they were to be charged with the Hate Crime statutes-

"I don't know how to say this diplomatically. If you deny #BLMKidnapping was a hate crime against a white person... you're despicable."

"If what the kidnapping and torture of the autistic teenager in Chicago is not a hate crime, then hate crimes do not exist."

"Chicago hate crime law. This is clearly a hate crime. Why have Chicago police refused to label it that? #BLMKidnapping"

"There is more evidence the #BLMKidnapping is a hate crime than that Russia hacked the election"

"The Chicago attack was a hate crime against white people. @POTUS why aren't you condemning this?? #BLMKidnapping"

"The #BLMKidnapping is a verified racially-motivated hate crime. Barack Obama must come out and declare it as such."

Sadly, a number of these same folks were then ecstatic when it was announced that they would be charged with the Hate Crime statutes:

"Thankfully, the #BLMKidnapping terrorists were charged with a hate crime!"

"Hate crime charges. This is a victory for our disabled. This is a victory for our most vulnerable. Not just a crime. HATE."

The Matthew Shepherd and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act passed by congress and signed into law by our "Constitutional Scholar" President in 2009 is the "hate crimes" law that has fundamentally altered the Nation's conception of freedom of speech. Prior to this #BLMKidnapping event, I don't think it would be a stretch to say that it was the largely the "RIGHT" aka the conservatives, the Republican - Tea Party contingent that largely opposed the Hate Crime laws as an abrogation of the First Amendment and another step towards totalitarian and authoritarian thought control and oppression by FedGov over we the sheeple.

For the past seven years, we have had a number of cases for which crimes against any minority ethnic or homosexual committed by any persons with a lighter shade of hue to their skin who once drunkenly uttered the N-word ten years ago at a party, got the additional Federal charges of Hate Crime tacked on to their prosecutions. But the cases of any crimes committed against heterosexual white Christians in this country by any anointed minorities have not seen the use of such statutes to date. But now we got our Trumpenfuhrer taking over, and we got ourselves a growing Whitelash, it's about time we got us some equality going here!

Hold off on the celebrations for a moment now....what exactly is being won here? Equality for whites under social justice, at the expense of our Freedom of Speech? For make no mistake about it, these Hate Crime laws were lobbied for and passed in the name of social justice. The Hate Crime legislation is patently unconstitutional and should have never been passed in the first place. That they have been used almost exclusively on white's charged with crimes of violence for the past seven years doesn't mean it's time to celebrate that we've finally got a case for blacks to get hit with the extra charges of Thought Crime. That's just affirming and upholding laws that should have never been passed in the first place. Kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon, terroristic threatening, burglarly....all these charges in this case should be more than enough justification to sequester these hoodlums into the Prison-Industrial complex for long enough to see appropriate justice done. 

It's the Hegelian Dialect in action, and we've now arrived at the desired synthesis. Many of the folks that were formerly opposed to Thought Hate Crime legislation are now exclaiming triumphantly that it will be used in this particular instance...equality at last! Once these four hoodrats are convicted and sentenced, the Hate Crimes legislation will have been cemented into the bedrock of our judicial system in the name of equality for all under the law. We are now all equally constrained and legally liable for any of our thoughts that can be construed as HATE, regardless of race...